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Various kind of food that ToGoBOX offers
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Enough with the same old boring lunch options and impossibly high delivery fees that cripple the restaurant ecosystem

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ToGoBOX combines advanced logistics with finely curated meals to improve the lunch rush for the busiest of workspaces.

Our exclusive Virtual Food Court experience brings local culinary powerhouses from the underground and into the office lunch room, saving employees time, money and hassle.

As teams get back in sync in a post-COVID environment, major employers who’ve partnered with us have saved immensely, thanks to unbeatable delivery costs and significantly improved productivity around the office.

Food brings people together

By partnering with the highest rated “foodie” restaurants in the area, we provide immediate gains to the local business community by pairing them with a consistent flow of  customers at scale. Founded in the culinary Mecca of Providence, RI, and available across the country, ToGoBOX has disrupted the online & mobile delivery market with our focus on ease of delivery, individually-curated menu options and targeted business relationships through convenience foodservice operators.

At ToGoBOX, we’re committed to creating a better lunch experience

Support Hyper-local Business Ecosystem

Happy Employees are Engaged Employees

Build an Employee-Centric Culture

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