ToGoBOX combines advanced logistics with finely curated meals to improve the lunch rush for the busiest of workspaces. With our exclusive Virtual Food Court experience we bring local edible powerhouses from the underground to the fashionably trendy directly into the workroom, saving employees break time and the pain of multiple expensive delivery fees. As morale rises and professional teams get back in sync, major employers who’ve partnered with us have saved immensely thanks to unbeatable delivery costs and significantly improved productivity around the office.

By offering a vast selection of the most revered and well-rated “foodie” restaurants in the area we provide immediate gains to the local business community by matching them with a heavy, consistent flow of customers that would not have been reached through mere individual, solo visits or if time-strapped workers had to settle for whatever happens to be within walking distance. Available across the country, our company has shaken up the online & mobile delivery market with our key focus on ease of delivery, individually-curated menu options and targeted business relationships through convenience foodservice operators. Whether dining at the work-desk or brainstorming in large group meetings we at ToGoBOX aim to make the lunch break work for you!

ToGoBOX is available in Apple App Store and Google Play Store.


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