Simply Providing Free Food Increases Employee Satisfaction by 20%

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No More Lunch Runs

Eliminate the time, hassle and lost productivity of employees running out for lunch.

Enhanced Employee Experience

Create a stress-free environment for team members to connect and collaborate.

Attract a Better Talent Pool

Upgrade your Employee Benefits plan to attract the talent your company needs to grow.

How happier lunch time could make your team stronger

Boost your team's productivity

Boost your team’s productivity

Strengthen your company culture

Strengthen your company culture

Become known as a people-first organization

Become known as
a people-first organization

Transforming Lunch Hours into Team Building Events

Frictionless for the Company. Seamless for your Employees.

Say goodbye to fragmented lunch delivery services from countless platforms. With ToGoBOX, you can sit back, relax and let your team self-select their daily meals with ease - all at the touch of a smartphone.

Ready to experience how food brings people together at work?