Delivery Meal Office
March 30, 2022
10 MIN

Delivery Meal Office

Meal delivery for employee retention and happiness

Yes, it’s that simple. 

Food always plays a role in the conversation, from below-par, sub-standard meal delivery options to make-your-own-at-home due to lockdown. The work-from-home model created shockwaves throughout the corporate industry - and with it, the benefits of this model seemed sensible. More so when Covid-19 ran rampant across the country. 

Yes, you can now walk from your desk to your kitchen, your laptop still running while you reheat last night’s leftovers, and think that this is life. And it may as well be until the other shoe drops. 

Working from home is a dream for the first few months until the smoke clears. But unfortunately, remote workers now constantly report mental health deterioration due to loneliness, depression, burnout, and stress. You can read more about this HERE. And while The Great Resignation had many employees quit in droves, there is an uptick in job-seekers demanding an office space to function merely two years after the work-from-home model skyrocketed in popularity. 

However, employers now know that staff isn’t as expendable as before and even Fortune 500 companies now jump through hoops to keep their in-office team happy. But is that necessary? 

Again, instead of listening to what their employees want, companies choose to introduce costly programs and, worse still, repackage ‘benefits’ to improve sentiment. None of which works. 

The solution is a simple one. Pay your employees fairly, provide them with a safe space to work with all the tools that they may need, and give them a proper meal. 

Yes, it’s that simple. 

Meal delivery 

We will assume that you pay a fair wage for this blog post and that your offices are fully equipped and safe. As such, we’ll speak about food here. So, let’s dig in, shall we? 

Breaking bread remains the best way to bond. 

We know this for the truth that it is as we embark on long journeys to have a meal with friends and family. We take our significant other on dates, essentially an entire evening dedicated to dining in hopes to impress. We wait for seating space, at times for weeks, to indulge in the cuisine offerings of a local yet popular restaurant. 

That bond is not without concern.

As humans, we’re all about food. While bland meals can nourish us, we seek flavor, variety, spice, texture, sauce, etc. And if our steaks remain chewy, if our leafy salads lay flat, if our condiments congeal, then help the server as management will receive that strongly worded letter. We pay attention to our food in any setting. It’s not just the criticized restaurant meals, but through the gift of social media, even our breakfast bowls are now up for public scrutiny. 

So too, the pressures of social proof on an already demanding generation of employees who will not settle for less incur additional strain on the food industry. 

Throw meal delivery into this mix, and you’re about to have an HR nightmare on your hands. But what if we told you that this isn’t something that should keep you up at night? 

How do you then avoid issues when dealing with meal delivery? 

You choose the right meal provider. 

Food must bring people together. It must be of excellent quality, have better taste, and appeal to the receiver. But, more importantly, you can’t just offer a set menu and expect your employees to be happy. You’re shooting yourself in the foot by not providing an inclusive menu to your staff. 

Check your meal delivery provider costs.

So opt for a meal delivery provider that doesn’t break your bank - yes, food can be costly. And since this is a blog to retain your employees, which leads to the fact that those employees should be well-paid, we can imagine that’s where you’ve spent your budget (the right way).

Randomly survey the quality of the deliveries.

All that sparkles isn’t gold. So conduct random quality-assurance checks to ascertain whether the meal provider satisfies your standards. If yes, you need to reevaluate the service provider. 

Listen to your staff. 

Yes, we’re repeating it. Corporates don’t listen to their staff. Go through your organizational chart and ask them how they feel about their meals. You may find your meal delivery plan answers in that conversation. 

Meal delivery is our passion. 

As meal delivery curators and providers, we speak to our expertise here. You can package happiness in a box and keep your employees satisfied, or better yet, your employees can choose a box of their own, package it as they please, and find that being employed by your organization is the best thing since sliced bread. 

Remember that ToGoBOX can offer you the employee retention solution in a box, whatever the conversation may be. Find out more HERE