What is ToGoBOX?

ToGoBOX is the Virtual Food Court app. We work with convenience service vendors and employers who want to make breakrooms perfect.

How to use ToGoBOX and when is the cut-off time?

Through our mobile app, simply select your workplace, scroll down the detailed menus of our restaurant partners, tap what you like, checkout and go. It’s that simple!

Busy schedule and want to set up a meal in advance? Not a problem. As soon as we hit the cut offs for today’s orders, you can start ordering for tomorrow’s meal. Whether you’ve planned the day out or need the flexibility to choose a meal on the fly, we cater to all tastes and desires. Your time is our time.

We provide multiple pick-up times with different ordering cut-off times. See below for more information.


What is Pick up Location?

We offer designated, front & center pick-up locations smack dab within your workplace making it easier to receive your meals without having to buzz someone in, wait by the phone or brave the elements just to get a bite to eat. Our assigned concierge ensures that every meal is carefully packaged, carried and well-presented so your meal retains its warmth, texture and quality from the kitchen to your plate. We present each meal simultaneously in a secure area so you and your colleagues can simply walk up, pick up your order and continue with your lunch break undisturbed.

When is the food prepared?

Our restaurant partners make each meal minutes before our assigned concierge is scheduled to arrive, ensuring maximum freshness and quality for every order. We utilize industry-leading thermal bags that retain both heat and cold to ensure that every taste and texture from cheesy pizza to crispy lettuce is kept at an ideal temperature.

Where is ToGoBOX available?

ToGoBOX works with convenience foodservice vendors across the country. If you have vendors who are already providing services such as vending, coffee, pantry, or micro-market services for you, we would like to contact them. If not, we will find the right provider for you to implement ToGoBOX.

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I’d like to buy lunch for a friend/group. How do I do this?

It’s actually the same as you normally do. After you select your workplace, just click on all the different menu items you and your lunch partner(s) desire and checkout. We’ll have it delivered all at the same time when we make our usual deliveries that day.

ToGoBOX also provides “Account Pay” service where employers give a food allowance for their employees.

How to use the ToGoBOX mobile app

With the launch of our mobile app for iOS & Android devices, it’s never been easier to get a hot, tasty meal curated for your individual preferences delivered right to your work desk. With dozens of menus and possible choices to pick, the ToGoBOX Virtual Food Court experience is sure to satisfy even the most discerning palate. Just login, select your workplace, scroll through the various options, tap what you like, checkout and go! It’s that simple.

Working in Rhode Island and can’t wait to try us out? Now you can in real time! We deliver healthy, personalized meals to hungry, hard workers in your cities every single business day. We’d love see your name and workplace atop our next delivery. Send a message via (ToGoBOX social media accounts) and we’ll be in touch!

When is ToGoBOX Available?

ToGoBOX is available every single business day from Monday through Friday (may depend on your foodservice vendors)and operates exclusively during the mid-day lunch rush. Employers and colleagues are encouraged to place orders before our ordering cut off times so we can prepare completely for delivery. Our assigned operator delivers individually curated meals directly to your in-office pickup location at set pick-up times specific to your workplace.

* In keeping with the festive spirit of community, your vendor might be closed on the following holidays: New Year’s Day, Martin Luther King Jr. Day, Memorial Day, Independence Day, Labor Day, Columbus Day, Veterans Day, Thanksgiving Day, Black Friday and Christmas Day. It also may be closed during hazardous weather conditions with prior notice. For any other circumstances operators have to close, we will inform you in advance.

Can I make changes to an order?

Customize an order however you like, we take note of any allergies, deletions, substitutions and all other preferences. Unfortunately we do not offer the ability to change an order after it has been sent and we are unable to refund the price of an item before the cut-off time. We encourage partners to thoroughly peruse our menus and check the details to ensure a particular meal is the best fit for today’s taste palate. However, our virtual concierges are delighted to help out however possible. We’re flexible and ready to do whatever we can to ensure your total satisfaction.

How do I know that my delivery order went through?

We send a handy confirmation email with every order and any further details as soon as you finish checking out. If you placed an order and did not receive a confirmation email, please contact us at support@letstogobox.com and we’ll be sure to resend and offer further assistance immediately.

Can I cancel my order?

Yes, you can! Just tap on the “Orders” icon from the bottom, home row in the app and you can see your full order history. From there tap on today’s order and there will be an option that pops up which allows you to cancel your order. Be sure to do so before our order cut-off times. After the cut-off time, orders will be sent to restaurants and delivered normally without the option of a refund or cancellation.

How can I get my company on the list of pick-up locations?

Thanks for asking! We’d be happy to bring your team on board! Just click the button below to submit a short form and we will get back to you shortly.

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My food is missing, what are my options?

From within the app, click the tab labeled “Settings” in the bottom corner of the home row. Then click the yellow icon marked “Need Help” and then tap “Request Support”. Now you can send a message to our concierge and we’ll make this right as quickly as we can.

My food is late. What gives?

If our orders are more than 15 minutes late we typicallysend you an email letting you know of the situation. Your vendors can sometimes experience unexpected circumstances like traffic or weather issues and we encourage them to let us know when they’ll be delayed. We’ll be sure to notify you and make this right as soon as possible.

How can I provide feedback to improve your services?

Feel free to send us a message through the “Need Help” portion of the “Settings” section (the icon at the far bottom on our homepage). We’re actively seeking information about how our orders, deliveries and concierge mesh with your workplace on a person by person basis and we use this knowledge to fine-tune our actions moving forward. Invite your colleagues to share as well. We’re happy to help.

What can I do to get my favorite lunch destination on the ToGoBOX mobile app?

Send us an email at support@letstogobox.com with a strong, favorable review so we can contact your vendor helping entice the restaurant you’d like to feature. With proof of yours and others interest in their menu options we show business owners that they’d be better served by joining ToGoBOX’s exclusive Virtual Food Court. With multiple hungry mouths clamoring for their specific lunch specials, they’d have no choice but to hop on board.

How will I know when my meal has arrived?

Every workplace we partner with has a pre-set pickup time, consistent Monday through Friday, and our concierge is sure to arrive on time, if not early. Please allow a five to ten minute grace period to take into account shifting weather and traffic conditions during the work hour.

I cannot access my account and it has been working fine until now.

We use the ToGoBOX mobile application (available for download on Android & iOS devices) exclusively for orders and user information, which means that any redundant content, including personal account data, that was previously on our website has been removed. We politely request that all of our esteemed clients register their account & information within the ToGoBOX mobile app for smooth sailing moving forward. This should clear everything up without issue. However, if you are still experiencing any difficulties please contact us as soon as possible and we’ll be sure to get you squared away.

Can I give our concierge a tip?

Our foodservice vendor partners are not permitted to receive or solicit tips to keep the atmosphere light and casual and not so transactional. We do sincerely appreciate your kind gestures of generosity however and we implore you to share the good will with a favorite charitable organization or simply pay it forward for a loved one.

Where can I find dietary, nutritional or allergen information for today’s order?

From within our menu, click on the name of the item and you will see a description of all the contents and ingredients of that specific meal.

ToGoBOX is available in Apple App Store and Google Play Store.


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